Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Amazon woman.

Amazonite is a gorgeous blue hued gemstone from China- it is thought to bring clarity of view to those who wear it, and soothe the mind and body... and lets face it. This color never goes out of style, and it works all year round- day or night!

I'm super into the big hoops right now- whether with some kind of dangly in the middle, bejeweled all the way around (wrapped with wire), wrapped in leather, feathered. You name it! These ones in particular have amazonite chips 1/2 way around the hoop with a gorgeous faceted amazonite bead in the middle for extra oomph.

The necklace has 3 smooth oval beads attached to a silver plated chain- and finished off with 2 strands of amazonite chips at the bottom! Its all held together with a silver plated clasp.

Necklace- $59
Earrings- $35

And at that price, its soothing on the wallet too!
Don't miss out!

A completed puzzle.

As promised I wanted to share how the piece's of the puzzle came together for my dear friend Celeste's wedding. If you don't remember, I was making jewelry for her brideasmaids- earrings and a bracelet for each of them.

They came together beautifully. A delicate bracelet, oozing femininity. Drop earrings that will sparkle in the sun (fingers crossed on the sun part :) ) - All in the uber feminine gold/bronzy/pinks color palette.

I think that they came together beatifully- and I can't wait to see how they look on the big wedding day!