Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Amazon woman.

Amazonite is a gorgeous blue hued gemstone from China- it is thought to bring clarity of view to those who wear it, and soothe the mind and body... and lets face it. This color never goes out of style, and it works all year round- day or night!

I'm super into the big hoops right now- whether with some kind of dangly in the middle, bejeweled all the way around (wrapped with wire), wrapped in leather, feathered. You name it! These ones in particular have amazonite chips 1/2 way around the hoop with a gorgeous faceted amazonite bead in the middle for extra oomph.

The necklace has 3 smooth oval beads attached to a silver plated chain- and finished off with 2 strands of amazonite chips at the bottom! Its all held together with a silver plated clasp.

Necklace- $59
Earrings- $35

And at that price, its soothing on the wallet too!
Don't miss out!

A completed puzzle.

As promised I wanted to share how the piece's of the puzzle came together for my dear friend Celeste's wedding. If you don't remember, I was making jewelry for her brideasmaids- earrings and a bracelet for each of them.

They came together beautifully. A delicate bracelet, oozing femininity. Drop earrings that will sparkle in the sun (fingers crossed on the sun part :) ) - All in the uber feminine gold/bronzy/pinks color palette.

I think that they came together beatifully- and I can't wait to see how they look on the big wedding day!

Friday, July 30, 2010

My new one to love!

Hive & honey. Ever heard of it? I doubt it- but you should, and I am taking it upon myself to bring it to you (exclusive breaking news!).

I'm not sure where they are based out of, or who designs, or any of that info for that matter. But I do know that the pieces are super fun, feminine & flirty, bold & daring- everything a daring kukuracha fashionista should be! I must say as someone who appreciates affordable investment pieces in their jewelry picks- the materials they use do leave a little bit to be desired, but I think that the style makes up for that! And lets face it- it keeps the pieces mush more affordable!

They don't seem to have a website, so the most accessible site to view their pieces is at (unfortunately not shipping to Canada- YET!)- stay tuned for that. But if you look around you can definitely find a site that will ship across the border to our great country!

They also have some affordable shoes and boots- that I'm sure of you like their jewelry you'll more than like their shoes too!'s%20shoes%20%26%20accessories////AttribSelect%3DVendor%3D'Hive%20and%20Honey'&searchContextPath=All+Products////Women's%20shoes%20%26%20accessories////AttribSelect%3DVendor%3D'Hive%20and%20Honey'&searchMode=1

The Puzzle.

*** So my good friend Jackie is my blog watchdog. She sends me the friendly reminder when I have left too much time between posts- so thank you Jackie for pulling me out of my haze called life this summer and ever so kindly reminding me to do this! Love you xo

It just so happens that a good friend of mine- the kind, wonderful and ever beautiful Celeste is getting married in 3 weeks- and we decided as my gift to her I would make her bridesmaid's earrings and bracelets- a gift to them, and hopefully something they can keep and wear for years!

Start with a swatch... pick the colors- and seriously, throw in some pearls and crystals and its pure perfection! She picked this amazingly fun pink colored fabric with a gold undertone which was perfect for summer and gave us some really fun feminine colors to work with.

See the beginning pieces and stay tuned to see how the puzzle gets put together!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a custom order looks like!

So I recently had the pleasure of creating some one-of-a-kind pieces that we're inspired by some of the pieces I had already created- but tailored to her individual style and taste. Here's how it worked-
  • She took a look through some of the pieces that I had created and decided what would work for her!
  • We talked about color variations, and what I had available! (Since she is quite fair and has striking red hair, she doesn't like the look of silver on her, so we took a couple styles that I had made with sterling silver and made it with gold-plated findings).
  • She sent me her wrist measurements (in this case she was going with 3 bracelets)!
  • And I got to work! Ordered what I needed, made the pieces, sent her pictures for approval before we met, in case there was anything she didn't like).
In this case she loved the the turquoise 3 strand bracelet that I keep raving about- but she thought it would be fun and fresh to do all white turquoise with a gold clasp- and she was right! Its amazing... (and I may be making one for myself!)- Price $45. The second one she wanted was the crystal lite bracelet, which I am obsessed and wear all the time- but with the gold she thought that it would be amazing to do softer colors instead of the bold colors I had done. And again she was right! It looks stunning!- price $59. And last but not least she went with the wood bracelet that lets face it, didn't need any tailoring because it is amazing on its own!

Check them out! And contact me if you would love to get something made just for you! Be warned that when people see the finished product tho they may want one too (unless you tell me one-of-a-kind and I promise it will be made just for you!).

Friday, May 7, 2010

My new obsession!

Miguel Ases! Intricate bead work. Feminine colors. Be-dazzling. Bold statement earrings. Miguel creates classics that you are going to pay a little more to own- but they are going to be your go-to pieces to spice up and LBD or outfit for that matter!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Classic Swarovski

Every woman loves a classic pendant- and what is better than a sparkling swarovski? Available in many many shapes and sizes- they can be made to order at any length, silver or gold- and custom touches can be added just for you!

*** This is the one that I made for my wedding- it is a clear starfish pendant on a simple sterling silver chain. I then tied it in by making earrings for each of my bridesmaids with smaller starfish crystals!

Prices available upon request.

(Photography courtesy of "CBR photography").