Friday, April 23, 2010

Bridal Brilliance!

I just got married!!!!!!
And what better opportunity than to be able to create some custom pieces for myself and some of my best friends (the bridesmaids!).
Between the 4 of us we dazzled in over 1000 swarovski pearls and crystals... we wore bracelets, earrings, necklaces- you name it, we had it! And to go with the whole tropical beach theme- what tied it together were swarovski star fish pendants. I wore a large one on a chain, and the girls had custom made earrings with the starfishes!

Katie- being quite the fashionista, I was able to make her something bigger, more noticeable, and knew that she would be able to pull it off... at the risk of being "too busy", I added some tulle to her earrings and bracelet to give it that extra WOW factor- and I think that she pulled it off fantastically!

Kimmy- being whimsical and a little edgy, I added caribbean blue crystals to her for the FUN factor! She had my signature bauble style bracelet with hoop earrings. They were brilliant!!!!

Jessica- for the classic friend we went with an elegant drop earring of pearls and crystal rondelles, and a simple 3 strand bracelet. With a bambina on the way- I wanted to give her something that she could pull out and rock with a t-shirt anyday, or dress up for the rare nights she will get to go out with the hubby!

And myself- I wanted big bracelet, lots of necklaces, and I wish that I could take credit for the earrings, but I just wanted simple elegant drop earrings.

See for youself- available for custom bridal jewelry (with minimum 4 weeks notice).

Woman's tuxedo

Is there anything classier than black and white with a hint of sparkle? Well- maybe... but this is definitely up there! Fresh Water Pearls (FWP), faceted black glass beads, complimented by crystal clear- clear quartz beads are just the right combination to take your outfit to the next level!

Made with sterling silver findings.

Keep your eye out for the matching necklace- still to come!!!

Turquoise continued...

Due to popularity of the turquoise line- I have continued to add to it so that you can all have great options to mix & match to make some really great combinations! Dressy, casual, under-stated, bold- whatever you want it to be!

This necklace is also made with sterling silver chain and findings- and czech crystal rondelles to add a hint of sparkle!

***(Can be customized to any length you would like).

Crystal lite

This is just one of my favorites!!! In my signature bauble style- this bracelet has a plethora of colors in a high quality chinese crystal. When the sun catches this bracelet it dazzles anyone within ten feet! Made with sterling silver chain and filigree clasp- I know that this is going to be a kukuracha best seller this summer!
(*** Look for this one in warm & cool color tones, or email me if you would like this tailored for you).