Monday, November 30, 2009

"Every woman should own a set of pearls in one form or another"- Amanda

So I haven't had the guts to tell Todd that I am having a love affair... the love I feel is astoundingly deep, and cuts to the core of me. I wholeheartedly LOVE pearls. In my professional fashionism opinion- They are classic, timeless, bound to be a family heirloom (yes, they still exist).... but when paired with other gemstones, chunky chains, crystal- they are brought to a whole other level. And don't even get me started on different shaped & colored pearls.

Every woman should own:
  1. A set of classic white or cream colored 6mm-8mm pearls (Picture Charlotte a le SATC).
  2. A funkified pearl bracelet- either bauble style, mixed with crystal, and definitely bold.
  3. Some form of a pearl drop earrings (preferably in the same style/type as your funkified bracelet)- that is going to compliment your decolletage.
I love to mix them with swarovski crystal and sterling silver chain- and think that this mix is fashionable, yet still bound to be classic and last a lifetime.

So start your love affair- I assure you that if it isn't already, over time it will be as deep as mine is!

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